Sunday, 18 May 2014

Liebster Award

I've been nominated by the lovely EeLyra for the Liebster award, thank you very much gorgeous!


Where were you born? Isle of Man
How many languages do you know? Fluently, just English but I've learnt French and German and a little bit of Manx.
How many countries have you visited and which one did you like the most? Just four; England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. My favourite has to be Scotland because I have family there. 
What is your favourite meal to prepare? Tuna napoliata 
What are your top three favourite fashion brands? I'm not really a brand kind of girl, I like Forever21, New Look and ASOS though.
What mobile phone do you prefer - iPhone or Samsung or other? It's always been Samsung for me but now I have an iPhone I don't think I could go back!
How many social networks do you use on a daily basis? Three; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
What is your favourite game app? It's between Temple Run, Fling and Jelly Splash.
What is the smartest (most useful) thing you ever learned? People that mind don't matter and people that matter don't mind. 
Tattoos and piercings - what do you think about them & do you have any? I have my ears pierced and that's it. I don't love them but I don't mind them because it's up to the individual what they decide to put on their body.
Dogs or cats? Favourite breed? Dogs! I have nine collies so it'll have to Border Collie breed. 

Facts About Me

Everybody does the same old boring list so I thought I'd make mine a little more interesting for you. On a side not it was a lot better quality before I uploaded it. JPGs hate me. Annyyyway, here are my facts:

My Questions 

I always find this the hardest part!! Thinking of eleven original questions is crazy difficult. 
1. What is your earliest memory?
2. What is your dream job?
3. What was/is your favourite subject at school?
4. How long have you been blogging?
5. What are you grateful for?
6. If you could click your fingers and go anywhere right now, where would you go?
7. Do you have any pets?
8. What couldn't you go a single day without?
9. Who is your favourite person?
10. Why is the grass green?
11. Tea or coffee?

My nominees

Instead of eleven, I'm choosing my five favourites with under 200 followers. Without further ado I nominate......
*drum roll goes here* 

Much love x

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Life Update

I haven’t posted in about a week so I thought I must owe you guys an explanation. I’ve been back at college for two weeks and it has been a blur of college and sleep if I’m honest. Exams, databases and document presentation sums up my days with the odd work placement, driving lesson and time with the horse. I’ve been in a constant state of exhaustion and I haven’t even opened the Bloglovin app which I’m usually always scrolling through! Shocker.

BUT beauty lovers fear not, I am getting my butt into gear and hopefully some decent posts shall be flying your way very soon. I’ve missed being an active part of the blogging world so good bye laziness.

Oh and by the way, to all those students studying for GCSEs and A levels at the moment, I don’t envy you at all but I wish you the very best of luck. I have confidence you will all do fantastic. :')

I have some updates for you while I’m in the sharing mood. Some things to run by you...
  • So if I pass my driving test this time around (emphasis on the if) I was thinking about trying out some OOTDs and photographing them out on location like beaches and forests. Fancy! What do you think? It’ll pretty much be plus size casual wear but would you like that? Or I could just stick to the gorgeous pieces on Polyvore.
  • I was also thinking of a new series called How I Style where I pick out some home ware pieces for around the home and do a post on kitchens, bedrooms, lounges etc. I also want to try some recipe posts. I have so many ideas.
  • Talking of ideas, why does inspiration only come to me when I’m out and about? Thank goodness for the notes app on my phone! I’ve got no idea where my blog would be without it.
  • You know I haven’t worn nail varnish in over a month in an attempt to restore my nails’ natural health and length. I swear I’m never wearing acrylics ever again. It’s strange to see colour on my tips but I love it. Anybody have any tips for nourished nails?
  • Finally, I am in the process of having a custom blog design created for me, I’m really excited and can’t wait for you all to see.

In the mean time, although a pathetic excuse for a post I know, I want to tell you all about the light of my life! Hah well almost. I just want you all to know how much I love my horse and how thankful I am to have her around.

On Friday I’d had a very crappy day – exam followed by practice exam followed by surprise mock driving test (which didn’t go all that great) followed by lecture from mum. All of this without a break and a banging head ache due to lack of sleep. Oops I just love late night Netflix all too much! HOWEVER, spending time with my beautiful girl just made all of that go away. I’d bet good money on the fact that the majority of you are just sat – or stood – there thinking I’m just a crazy equine obsessed type, but I’m not. I’ve had five horses in the past that have all had their own unique impact on me and I’ve loved them equally but Ruby is extra special. She has made me realise that you can have an animal as a best friend. She never fails to make me laugh with her facial expressions, tenderness and of course clumsiness – we’re a perfect match don’t you see? Rubes can’t put a foot wrong (expect for the time when she kicked me, and when she won’t stand still and when she stood on my foot. Twice.) and she listens to me when I rant about my day while I brush her mane. Her ears prick when I shout her over and she is the most kind natured, loving horse I’ve had the pleasure of coming in to contact with and I’m never going to let her go. Thank you Ruby for always being able to put a smile on my face and melt my heart with your gorgeous big eyes.

This is her on Friday. 

WOW that was a really long post. Normality will be resumed very soon. Until then, I’ll try and catch up on some of your posts. Expect a comment spree very soon!

What have you been up to recently? Do you have any pets who also act as your therapist/best friend? What do you fall back on when you’ve had a bad day?

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Polyvore | OOTD

Ideal OOTD

Ideal OOTD by beautyshine featuring danielle nicole purses

You may, or may not, know that I've been recently getting to grips with Polyvore. I love putting together outfits and showing of my personal style and I love that this website lets you do that while sharing with your friends and giving you the actual link should you want to buy the products (but since it's all American and way out of my price range, I can't see me doing this).

This outfit is inspired by one of my favourite S/S colours; coral. I'm also not one to follow the fashion rules as I occasionally like to mix and match, for example, not all of the corals in this outfit are the same shade and some people wouldn't put them together but to me, it works. Let me know what you think. 

I adore those shoes and the tribal bracelet is really on trend at the moment. 

If you like the look of any of these products you can follow the link below the picture to see a full list of where to buy and the cost. 

Have you tried Polyvore?

Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Tea Spoon Test

After reading about Natural Beauty Tips - Coconut Oil on Mary's blog I wanted to try some out. I'm always looking for ways to get naturally whiter teeth because it feels like no matter how much I brush, my teeth are never really white! Sigh.. 

So over a week I'm going to swill a tea spoon of coconut oil in my mouth for 10 minutes each day, I'll report back like a diary and publish this post at the end of the week. For the record I'm using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from The Groovy Food Company purely because it's what my Mum had in her cupboard.

Day 1
Cup at the ready in case I can't stand the taste and timer set for 10 minutes, I take my first (small) tea spoon of coconut oil. At first it is a hard sort of cream but after being in my mouth for a minute it begins to melt into an oil. It tastes buttery and I can't say I enjoy it at all, it makes me feel a little sick in fact - this is most probably because I don't like coconut though. 
Two minutes in and the taste is gone, I'm just swilling it around like a mouth wash and it's completely fine. 
Seven minutes in and I'm so bored! The things I do for blogging, eh?
Ten minutes are finally up, there are no obvious immediate results, but what product can give you that really? My teeth do feel quite smooth though. 

Day 2
The taste is still repulsive as ever, I really can't stand it! Although, it could just be wishful thinking, but I think I have noticed a slight difference? We shall see!

Day 3
The taste, thankfully, has gone away. I am no longer repulsed and the time passed a lot quicker. No change. I realise that I should have taken before and after pictures, then I could have truly analysed how well it works.

Day 4
Oopsy, I may have left this on the windowsill while it was sunny and it melted... It later went hard so I had to sort of chew it for it to be 'swillable' - did I just create that word? 
On the plus side I am totally used to the taste now and noticing a small difference in the whiteness of my teeth.

Day 5
No change really, though I did notice that when I'm forced to breath through my nose I become one of those annoying loud breathers. Yes, I'm usually a mouth breather. Is that really bad?

Day 6
Nothing to report, much the same as yesterday. 

Day 7
Overall I think using coconut oil as a daily mouthwash alongside normal brushing has showed some signs of whitening but I think for a more obvious result you would need to do this for a lot longer. 

Have you tried this? Are you also on the hunt for whiter teeth?

Thursday, 1 May 2014

What's In My Bag?

I’m a nosey person, I love nothing more than having a look inside people’s handbags and makeup bags. They’re probably my favourite types of blog posts/YouTube videos. I recently got a new bag (this one) and thought I’d try a ‘what’s in my bag’ post myself. 

My life is spent mainly at college so at the moment at least there really is nothing exciting in my bag. There is my pencil case, water bottle, essentials bag, purse, a body spray from H&M and some Vanilla wet wipes also from H&M because you never know when you'll be needing a wipe!

You can pretty much see for yourself what I carry in my essentials bag, a lot of lip products, hair grips, my inhaler (yes, I'm asthmatic), there is usually a powder but much like the direction my hand sanitizer is heading, it ran out and I'm awaiting the arrival of my new one and that silver thing is a concealer.There is also some strepsils and paracetamol which are just out of the picture.

Finally in the front pocket I carry some lady things, my provisional driving license for ID, some chewing gum to freshen up my mouth and my iPhone and earphones. The most important things, of course!

Are you as nosey as me? Have you done a post/video like this? If you have then please leave the link below!