Saturday, 18 October 2014

Life As A Beauty Therapy Student busy to say the least! In case you didn't know, I'm just finishing my first half term studying level 2 NVQ diploma in beauty therapy. It's been pretty stressful and I've barely had time to breathe but at the same time it's been fantastic. So I thought I'd tell you some of the good and bad points to my time so far.

First of all, I'm on the road to my 'best skin ever' with Dermalogica. This is the brand we use for treatments and also retail for skincare in our salon. We've had an induction to the products from a lovely dermalogica skin professional called Steph and we've been familiarising ourselves with them ever since - it's our job to know all the ingredients, benefits and selling points to every single one. We're obviously encouraged to use dermalogica on our own skins so that we can give honest, experienced advice to clients and so far I'm enjoying it. If Steph was right, my skin should be better than ever this time next month so I'll let you know on that one!

My uniform. My uniform is one of the best and worst parts of the course. I feel so very professional wearing it but at the same time it's polyester. Polyester. This means it makes a noise every time I walk or even move, it's sweaty and it doesn't fit all that great. I also get mistaken for being a nurse sometimes, but I don't know if that's a bad thing or not. At least it's purple which is my favourite colour. 

My tutor is a little bit intimidating and often makes me doubt myself and my skills. I hate to say that when she isn't around, for example on Tuesdays (manicure day, woo!), I feel far more at ease and find I take in a lot more from my classes.

The workload is intense. After a year without homework it feels strange starting fresh with always having something I need to get done. Whether it be coursework, homework or just reading my notes so I don't fall behind. I'm tired and stressed 100% of the time. I imagine this would be what going to uni would be like.

It's expensive. I don't just mean all the money you have to put towards your books, kit and uniform for college itself, but you're expected to practically set up your own salon at home to practice. So far I've spent a small fortune on nail treatments and a portable massage bed, there is so much more to buy but I just can't afford it at the moment. This course would be a breeze if I was rich!!

I'm learning so much about skincare, different products, different treatments. I really am enjoying getting to know all this new information. Oh, and seeing my friend's faces while I pull off the wax strip isn't so bad either.. I know I'm cruel ;) 

And last but not least, everybody wants to be your friend. Well, kind of. Everybody and their mothers are volunteering to be practised on, whether they're after a free massage or their nails painting, I'm never short of people.  

I hope you enjoyed this quick little catch up. It feels so good to be back writing posts, I've missed it so much and am promising myself I wont let college get in the way next term - I have big plans but we'll see how they turn out, best not set anything in stone! 


  1. No way, I didn't realise you were studying beauty! It sounds so fun.

    As for that tutor that intimidates you, my recommendation is to see your work as a chance to show off to them. Whenever teachers intitmidated me at school/college etc, it made me so driven to work hard to prove to them I am so much better then their expectations., I got such a thrill from it so I recommend taking that approach!

    Good luck with your course, my best friend did beauty therapy, finished her course 2 years ago and she already has her own beauty salon offering everything from nail treatments to massages to fake tanning!

    Best of luck :) xo

    1. Yes! I'd like to be a make-up artist offering other minor treatments on the side and there really isn't many opportunities on the Isle of Man so training in beauty therapy was my only option really, though I'm doing an online course too.

      Thank you, yeah I'm used to the intimidating teachers and I do try my best but there is so, so much to take in and I'm not the kind of person who reads or hears something and that's it, I remember it. I'm fine with practical but learning the theory is tricky!

      Thank you :) x

    2. hi i nominated you for the leibster award go ahead and click on the link to see the rules and questions i set for you
      thankyou xxx