Tuesday, 24 February 2015


As you'll probably already know, I study beauty therapy at college and as I mentioned in both this and this post the skincare brand we use for facials is dermalogica. So to really get to know the products I'm using on my client's skin I've been using them on my own skin at home too. 

On our brand training day we were each given a £10 off discount code so that we could purchase a skin kit and be using dermalogica at home, even for a short time, to see results on our own skin first. As I have combination skin I was recommended the normal/oily skin kit containing:
Special Cleansing Gel,
MultiActive Toner,
Active Moist,
Skin Prep Scrub,
Total Eye Care

I used the products morning and night for a month (4 weeks) until the majority of the products were used up and I had to repurchase to fully test out the range. In total, I used special cleansing gel, multiactive toner and active moist for about 6 weeks before reverting back to good ol' No 7. It's not that these dermalogica products aren't good, it's that this specific combination wasn't working for me. Though I would just like to point out that it's been a good four months since I bought this and my original tiny tube of eye cream is still going strong - just shows how a little bit goes a long way.

Every one should be using the three core products in their skincare regime; cleanser, toner and moisturiser. So those are the three products I want to briefly tell you about first. 

Special Cleansing Gel. This is a lightweight, soap free, fragrance free, foaming gel for all skin types. It contains balm mint to cool and calm and lavender, a natural purifying antiseptic. This cleanser isn't over drying and leaves the skin super clean. I can't deny that it gives good results, in fact if my skin is breaking out or feeling clogged up I still reach for my little bottle of special cleansing gel! I just don't like the feel of the foam on my face or the tightness I feel after rinsing. If you're like me and also experience sensitivity I recommend UltraCalming cleanser also from dermalogica. It's a really lovely product and a fab makeup remover too.   

MultiActive Toner. Again, suitable for all skin types, this is a hydrating, refreshing ultra-light spritz to help condition the skin. It's ideal for travelling - after a long flight or to wake you up in the middle of a long drive - and also great for using over makeup during the day. I'm pretty indifferent to this product but I will say that I hate the smell!

Active Moist. A lightweight, oil free lotion that combats surface dehydration for daily moisturising. While I love the consistency of this moisturiser when I use it I just don't feel like it's doing anything. It contains lemon fruit, cucumber, lavender and watercress which are great for soothing, hydrating and refining the skin but it's just not suited to me at all. My skin just felt like it always needed more nourishment. I'd recommend for really oil skin or males - in fact it is mostly guys that purchase this from the salon. 

You should also exfoliate your skin twice weekly minimum and so this is where Skin Prep Scrub falls in to the mix. This is a sandy colour and is really thick and grainy. It also has a smell much like marmite, either you love it or you hate it! It claims to leave your skin with a healthy, smooth complexion which I'm happy enough to agree with. 

I've never used an eye cream before despite knowing the importance of caring for the delicate skin around the eyes. I've lusted after various products from Origins, Liz Eearle and No 7 but never taken the plunge. Total Eye Care has been fantastic. It has an SPF of 15 which is ideal for me and it is both concealing and moisturising. The girls at college actually noticed a difference and commented on it before I did!  I'd highly recommend this to teens and younger women as a good defence before the real ageing kicks in. 

So those are my thoughts on the normal/oily skin kit. I've grown to know and love dermalogica as a brand and in my opinion, the best product that you should all try is the MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque. It's a fantastic hydrating pick me up weekly masque, great for pamper nights. Even Victoria Beckham uses it! 

I've not done a review in a couple of months and I feel so rusty, I'm struggling to regain a flow to my posts... Please forgive me. What do you think about dermalogica? Tell me about your skin care below. 


  1. I used this like yonks back maybe like 5/6 years ago and it worked so well and then I repurchased it and it did nada?! Don't know what's going on :( It really helped my skin before, but mainly the oily skin face mask xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. How weird! I love the UltraCalming & AGEsmart ranges :) x