Sunday, 4 January 2015

Life As A Beauty Therapy Student #2

It's been three months since my original 'Life As A Beauty Therapy Student' post and since then, things have got real. That sounds really serious but all I actually mean is the salon has opened and we've been working on real clients instead of just practising treatments on each other every day. So there were a few points I mentioned in my last post that I'd like to continue on today...

First things first I mentioned being 'on the road to my best skin ever' with the brand Dermalogica. I promised to trial their skincare range on myself at home for one month and see how things went. As much as I love (most of) their products and have no doubts that the facials we provide at the salon in college really do improve skin health, I used their products for my complete skincare regime for a little over two months and if I'm honest, not much changed. I'm happier being back with No 7. I would like to do a little shout out to some of my favourites though, them being the UltraCalming cleanser, MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque and Skin Prep Scrub. 

Things with my tutor have settled down a bit and I've grown to kind of like her, I'm still never sure where I stand with her though and I'm far more relaxed when she isn't around. We had a deal regarding some bikini line waxing and making friends by Christmas that, since I'm returning from the holidays tomorrow, I am really beginning to panic about. 

The work load is still pretty intense but I'm proud to say that I have been using my spare time to buckle down and tackle it. There is so much more for me to do and so much I've yet to learn but I'm on track and not bottom of the class so things are OK on that front... for now!

It's also still very expensive with home practice being a necessity, particularly now we've cover shellac and I'm buying CND products! But I have most of the things I need now and I'm really just building my collection. I have a couple of regular clients for waxes and manicures, I've started a Facebook page and things are going well. Although my prices are extremely cheap (which the people love) and don't really cover the cost of products and my time, I'm happy. I wouldn't like to charge full when I've yet to qualify. 

New things that I've learnt are that facials are my favourite thing to do, when performing waxing treatments you get REALLY hot and you're always going to have a shaky hand if you try to paint nails on an empty stomach. 


  1. Oh wow I definitely never thought about what you would have to buy for and do at home!! EEEEEK, sounds like you are getting on well though lovely, I would love to do a course like this one day xx

    1. I know. It's not something that I considered at all when I applied but yes, things are going really good at the moment. I'd recommend a beauty therapy course, even just a basic one. Thank you for commenting x