Friday, 10 April 2015

Thoughts: Australian Body Care

Australian Bodycare is a new brand to me and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of samples to try from the lovely people at Catalyst PR. The products I have been using are Anytime Balm and Hand Cream, both of which are lovely.

I mentioned Australian Bodycare to be a new brand to me because it's actually been around since 1992 in salons and spas before becoming more recently available for purchase. So the products are all really simple and straightforward and are suitable for all ages. Due to being all Tea Tree Oil based (the highest grade of course) the range is particularly good for clearing blemishes or odour causing bacteria in adolescents such as myself. 

I want to first tell you about Anytime Balm. Described as 'a rich creamy emollient balm for all skin types but especially good for blemished and dry flaking skin' I would say this is a sort of solidified oil for use at any time (the clue is in the name) and on any part of the body.To use you simply melt by rubbing between your fingers and then apply to whichever area you wish. 
I've tested it out on the dryness on my legs and face and also as a lip balm and gained results I'm rather pleased with; my lips are in great condition and the dry patches gradually disappeared! 
Tea Tree is known for it's soothing and antiseptic benefits which were really called into action a couple of weeks ago. I tried using some hair removal cream on my underarm (never again!!) only to be immediately burnt and left with bright red patches that stung whenever I moved - Anytime Balm became my saviour! I applied it twice daily to the area and within three or four days it cleared up.   

I've been on the market for a new hand cream for a while now so I was really looking forward to trialling this one. Containing Tea Tree Oil to protect, Shea butter to moisturise and smooth and Argon oil to condition and nourish this really sounded like what I needed, and to an extent it is. Don't get me wrong, the cream is lovely to apply, doesn't leave your hands all greasy and really does good things for your hands it's just the extra strong smell! As much as I love scents I'm really not a fan of the overpowering types which unfortunately this is. I do however also enjoy the consistency and pale pink colour (bonus) so we'll have to see how things go with this one. I'd highly recommend to people who have a problem with nail or skin biting though as I'm sure you'd be put of by the taste of Tea Tree. 

Overall while the strong fragrance has driven me away from the hand cream I'm sure I'll be purchasing some more skincare products in the near future to really treat my nasty spots I seem to have become oh so prone to! 

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